Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fibonacci Haiku: My Type of Party

Late nights
Just half awake
Partying like there's no tomorrow
Study parties with my textbooks are the best!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

SP # 5 Unit J Concept 6: Partial Fraction Decomposition with Fractions

The viewer must pay special attention to setting up the equations. It is important to remember that set the coefficients of the numerator equal to the term letters of the right side. Additionally, for this particular problem , we were unable to use our calculator because it gave us decimals. Instead, I used to process of elimination to find the value of A. Then, I plugged it into one of the original equations to find B and C. Lastly, I plugged in all three terms to find D. It is crucial that the viewer carefully solve for these values because small mathematical mistakes will lead to the wrong solutions.

SP #4 - Unit J Concept 5: Partial Fraction Decomposition with distinct factors

 For part 1, special attention should be payed to multiplying out the numerator. There is a lot of room for small mistakes, so it is important to make sure your math is correct. Also, be careful when distributing negative numbers, you must distribute the negative to everything in the parentheses, then combine like terms!
 For part 2, the viewer should be careful when writing the equations. It is important to copy correctly and not forget any negative signs. It is also crucial the viewer remembers to cancel out the x's.

For part 3, plug in the coefficients into the calculator. It is crucial you plug in the right numbers or else you will get the wrong answer. It is important to recheck what you plugged in.

For part 4, follow the necessary steps to find the ordered triple. The viewer should be able to follow the steps as stated in the image. It is important not to forget the closing parentheses! The fourth column provides the ordered triple, notice that these are the numerators of the original equation found in part 1!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SV #5 : Unit J Concept 3-4 : Solving 3 Variable Equations

The viewer must pay close attention to writing out coefficients properly. Also, when solving for the zeroes they must make sure to multiply and add properly or else the answer will come out wrong. Additionally, make sure you plug the values into your calculator correctly or else you will get the wrong answers. It is also important to remember that you must use row 1 for row 2 and include row 2 for row 3.