Monday, October 7, 2013

SV #2: Unit G Concept 1-7: Graphing Rational Functions

     The problem is about graphing a rational function through analyzing pieces of the function. This video addresses vertical, horizontal, and slant asymptotes. It also finds the holes of the function as well as the x and y-intercepts. Using past concepts, such as domain, long division, and  interval notation, will help us in graphing this function. 
     The viewer should pay special attention to finding the x and y-intercepts because it is crucial to remember to use the simplified equation. Additionally, when find it he hole for these functions, plug in the found x-value into the simplified equation. When plotting the hole, represent it as an open circle representing that the graph does not go through this point. Lastly, through using the limit notation of the vertical asymptote, it gives you an idea of what the graph will look like.

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